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Sunday 20th September 2015
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Sent on a mission: that’s more controversial than you think

Becky Green

Bible: Matthew 10: 1-20

The Big Idea: You want adventure? This mission you’ve been sent on is no Sunday school picnic but it is what your bored life has been longing for…

The Main teaching points:

• Jesus sends his out his twelve and gives them authority to cure the sick and drive out demons – sounds enormous fun, right?
• We meet ‘The Twelve’ (who are pretty mixed bunch to go ‘on mission’ with)
• He tells them to live simply. (Don’t pack an extra bag! – Matthew 10: 9-10)
• Their Message? – God is closer than you think! (Matthew 10: 7)
• So all in all, an easy gig, right? How hard can it be?
• He goes on to paint a pretty grim picture of what will happen on this mission (Sheep among wolves – Matthew 10: 16a & Getting flogged – Matthew 10: 17b)
• So he tells them how to they will need to operate (Like snakes & doves – Matthew 10:16b). They will need to be on their guard (Matthew 10: 17a)

The Big Questions to Ask: How can you open the eyes of the people in your world to see that God is closer than they think? Who are the ‘wolves’ in your world? How should you behave around them? what does it means to be shrewd on the one hand and innocent on the other?

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