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Sunday 4th May 2014
Live here at 9.30am
Real life - Extreme Hoarders: the stuff that holds you back

Matt Levett 

Everyone wants a slice of real life. But what is it? And how do we find it?

Shows where we find ‘real’ people doing ‘real’ life things are winning the TV ratings war. From programmes like BBC’s The Voice to Channel 4’s Gogglebox (a programme where we watch real people sitting on real sofas, watching real TV programmes!).

In this new Forge series we will look at some of the bible’s biggest real life stories. You’ll find a cheating big brother… an ancient twist on the dating game… a dragon from the den… and an unlikely lad who become a huge celeb. Real people (just like you and me) who faced up to real life.

This week: What are you holding onto so tightly that its stops you moving forward?

Quick… Grab the remote… It’s starting!


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