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Sunday 29th November 2015
Live every week at 10.30am
Netflixmas - Elf

Dave Hannah

A crackling fireplace… Hot cocoa… Bring Crosby crooning ‘White Christmas’… Turkey with all the trimmings…

It all adds up to that warmest of Christmas feelings…

’Tis indeed the season to be merry… and nothing makes us feel more merry than a good old classic Christmas movie (and possibly a bucket of popcorn on the side).

In this new three part series we will look back and some golden oldie yuletide flicks. Christmas movies with messages that may just help you to make this your best Christmas yet.

So don’t be the Grinch this Christmas. Throw away those humbugs and join us for Netfilxmas.

THIS WEEK: In the movie Elf, Buddy discovers he was a human baby raised by elves. So he sets off on a journey to find his real dad. Is it possible for us to actually find our heavenly Father? Christmas says he is looking for us.

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