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Sunday 31st January 2016
Live every week at 10.30am
Mr Men Files - Mr Worry

Emily Hannah

For generations Roger Hargreaves’ little Mr Men books have been teaching kids about all kinds of annoying people. You’ll remember them fondly and you’ve probably got a favourite.

How would a Mr Men book about your life be titled? Mr Calamity? Mr Nightmare? Mr ‘Bought-some-new-trainers-last-year-and-they-are-still-in-the-box’? Let’s be honest, we’ve all been a tad ‘Mr Uppity’ and even a ‘Little Miss Naughty’ at times. But which one are you now?

Mr Snapchat? Little Miss Spray Tan? Mr Pizza for Breakfast? #Mr #Always #Hashtags #Everything? (Or maybe you are that new Norwich City striker—Mr Sitter!)

This week on ‘The Mr Men Files’: Mr Worry. Everything seems amazing but your still not content. You were meant to live a life free from worry, shame, and resentment. But this kind of contented life won’t happen just by chance. What are our best next steps in overcoming anxiety before it overcomes us?

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