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Sunday 17th January 2016
Live every week at 10.30am
Mr Men Files - Mr Lazy

Dave Hannah

For generations Roger Hargreaves’ little Mr Men books have been teaching kids about all kinds of annoying people. You’ll remember them fondly and you’ve probably got a favourite.

How would a Mr Men book about your life be titled? Mr Calamity? Mr Nightmare? Mr ‘Bought-some-new-trainers-last-year-and-they-are-still-in-the-box’? Let’s be honest, we’ve all been a tad ‘Mr Uppity’ and even a ‘Little Miss Naughty’ at times. But which one are you now?

Mr Snapchat? Little Miss Spray Tan? Mr Pizza for Breakfast? #Mr #Always #Hashtags #Everything? (Or maybe you are that new Norwich City striker—Mr Sitter!)

This week on ‘The Mr Men Files’: Mr Nosey. What is the difference between ‘gossip’ and ‘sharing’? Why is gossip wrong and more importantly, how do we stop it?

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