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Sunday 6th March 2014
Live here at 9.30am
A Mile in My Shoes - Barefoot

Duncan Banks 

Forrest Gump famously said, “You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes… where they’ve been… where they’re going… how they got there.”

From high heels to no heels, our shoes make a statement about us. Choose a pair of crocs and you are labeled ‘old school’ – a person of comfort. Wear brown sandals and you instantly become the Archbishop of Canterbury!

What does your choice of footwear say about you? And what would others experience about your life if they walked a mile in your shoes? In this series we are going to slip our feet into the shoes of some of the people Jesus met on the road and walk with them a while.

THIS WEEK we are walking a mile barefoot with a woman who was probably wearing nothing more than a hastily grabbed bed sheet.


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