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Sunday 28th July 2013
Live here at 9.30am
Mama said... Be kind

Steve Fenning & Emily Hannah 

“You’ll get square eyes if you watch too much telly…” “Don’t pick your nose or your head will cave in…” Mums the world over sometimes say the strangest things – odd little sayings that seem to get passed down from generation to generation.

But some of those things that ‘Mama said’ are like forgotten virtues that can still do us good. Never forget what you learned at your mother’s knee (Proverbs 1: 8 The Message)

Ever heard ‘Mama’ say this? Don’t be mean – be kind to them… Maybe you’ve even said it yourself. There was always and class bully and the little kid who bore the brunt of their meanness. Parents tell their kids not to join in with the crown but to ‘be kind’.

How can the power of a simple kind word or a kind act change you and revolutionise your world?


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