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Sunday 26th January 2014
Live here at 9.30am
Instafam - #ModernFamily (Family life has changed. So how do we live well as a blended family?)

Steve Fenning 

Instagram is a very popular smartphone app. It lets you take pictures, filter them and share them with your friends. And it does it all in an instant. However, you can’t make a great family in an instant. It takes time and effort, but it’s got to be worth all the hard work, hasn’t it?

God has given us lots of ‘pictures’ of family – we just need to take a closer look.

Whether you are part of a family or not you’ll know that all of life is built on relationships. This series will help you negotiate those well. After all, behind every picture there’s always a story to be told…

This week: How do we live well, as blended family?

Ready? Say ‘cheese’ please…


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