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Sunday 10th August 2014
Live every week at 9.30am
God at the Movies - Retro - Prayer:  The Great Escape

Matt Levett

The famous Forge summer ‘movies’ series returns – but this time we are getting all nostalgic on you. ‘God At The Movies’ is going retro as we look for the messages behind some of cinema’s most iconic movies.

This Week: What do you do when the fence seems to high and odds are stacked against you?

In 1942 the Germans have built a prison camp to house their most troublesome inmates. This movie is based on a true story of escape and it gave us one of cinemas most enduring images – Steve McQueen’s motorbike jump over the fence.

How do you react when the challenges you face are too big to scale? What methods are available to you to make a ‘great escape’ from whatever is holding you captive?

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