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Sunday 20th March 2016
Live every week at 10.30am
Get synced

Steve Fenning

In this digital world we are constantly being asked to get our lives and devices ‘synced.’

So plug in your new phone to your old computer and, because they haven’t been introduced before, iTunes asks you if you wish to ‘sync’ one with the other. And there is nothing more infuriating in life than discovering it doesn’t work and you have ‘syncing issues.’

Humanity has its own syncing issues. It’s all too easy for humans to get out of sorts and out of sync. Not plugged into the right places, the right people or the right power sources. What should we be getting our lives hooked up to? Where should we be plugging in? How can we get connected and stay connected?

It’s time to ‘sync’ or swim.

THIS WEEK: How do we get plugged into a higher power source?

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