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Sunday 22nd February 2015
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How to beat the fear of rejection

Steve Fenning

What keeps you up at night? Looming deadlines? Painful regret? Fear of failure? Health worries? Big bills? What are the questions that consume your thoughts and fill you with worry at 3 o’clock in the morning?

When that kind of fear attacks it’s exhausting.

For a moment, try and imagine your life without fear….

It’s not a dream. You can live fear-less. This series will teach you how. It will not just teach you to cope with your fear but actually live in the peace that God intended for your life when he made you.

It’s time to tweak the nose of worry and laugh in the face of anxiety.

THIS WEEK: We fear rejection… not fitting in… standing out from the crowd… so we just follow everyone else and try and blend in. It’s safer that way. How do we beat the sting of rejection?

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