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Sunday 4th September 2016
Live every week at 10.30am
The big ask: What's that in your hand?

Duncan Banks.

There is nothing like watching a good movie.
You’re caught up in the story. On the edge of your seat. But when the final credits roll, the screen goes dark and the lights go up, reality kicks back in. And you are once again, slap bang in the middle of your own story.

But there still remains in all of us, the desire to be a hero… to live the kind of life Hollywood would love to make a movie about… to leave a legacy, to transform our world, to rescue people in distress.

In short, we all long to find our way out of the audience and into the action.

But in order to do that, you are going to have to face down those villains that plague you.

Its time to shoot some of these baddies…

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