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Sunday 11th September 2016
Live every week at 10.30am
The big ask: What's that in your hand?

Matt Levett.

Marry Me? Employ Me? Fund Me? Come to church with me? Ever made a ‘big ask’ of someone? Ever thought God might have a ‘big ask’ for your life? After all, we’ve all made a big ask of him at times. “Why all this suffering? Do my prayers matter? Will Ipswich ever get promoted?”

But now God’s got a ‘big ask’, and he’s looking at you…

He’s got some questions for you about why you often feel like you are running on empty; questions about where your priorities really lie; and questions about what you really want him to do for you right now…

Honestly now… how will you answer?

THIS WEEK’S BIG ASK: Why are you feeling like this? Where are you running on empty both physically and emotionally?

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