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Sunday 31st July 2016
Live every week at 10.30am
How to gain and maintain financial stability : Developing a plan.

Steve Fenning.

Success in life usually comes by maintaining some kind of balance with the things that matter most. Kids need the right balance of parental care along with some level of independence. As adults we are attracted to balanced people – like those how have a good sense of humour but who are also comfortable with the more serious things in life. At work, we know that if we fail to get the balance right between our jobs and our home life then we are on the road to ruin.

We know that all of life requires balance but for many of us, that seems hard to achieve in our financial life. Money gets tight and it’s harder to find a job that pays well. It’s tough just surviving day to day let alone saving for a rainy tomorrow. Getting this right is going to take some balance.

This five part series features clips from five original Andy Stanley talks, together with a live Forge speaker. It is designed to help you evaluate your understanding of money and the role it plays in your life.

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